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Think globally, act locally


We partner with businesses of all sizes looking to reduce their carbon footprint, at no cost!

win win

Quick setup

Free delivery and set up in a high traffic area to help boost curb appeal and donation collection.

Collect and Pick up

We can schedule a time that best fits you for pick up to ensure no overfill and a clean bin ALWAYS. 

Donate and Recycle

We sort and donate to local charities in the area. Anything that can't be saved gets recycled to be shredded for repurposing. 


By donating your used clothing in one of our bins, it could reduce your carbon footprint by 5 to 10%!



We can't stop and won't stop! You can catch us at trade shows all over Florida to help educate and engage more people about WHY textile recycling is necessary. Awareness is critical, and most of the time, you don't know until you know! 

Wellness Visits

When we stop by, we genuinely like to make sure you have great feedback for us. Let us make sure your bin stays clean, clear, and complete!


Donation Drop off

One of our biggest accomplishments has been to partner with Hatching Hope, and donate as much as we can!

We do the collecting, sorting, recycling, and donation drop off. Do you have a charity you want to raise money for? We would love to hear from you!